We provide services to ENABLE your business to reach new levels of productivity!  By improving the storage and organising, classifying your electronic documents centrally in one location, you are able to manage your business risks.

Business run better when documents can be found quickly even under the most stressful times when time is the essence, the tender is due or contract is to be signed or the lawyer wants an obscured document through. The ability to find and identify a document is one the most powerful tools that company can possess.

 Why? The modern world is based on evidence of an event happening. That evidence is these days is held electronically and could be store any where. Any future stakeholders will asking you to produce such evidence. Questions could be asked “Did that email get sent, to whom and what was the attachment?” “ Was there a effective contract? Was there a meeting of minds, offer and treat?”  

Information age provides business with an opportunities and a risks. Opportunity to work with information instantly across many countries and get instant results and make high revenue. Inversely the risks are high lack of organisation of high volumes of data and increase compliance regulations and complex laws and risk of litigation and cost of E-Discovery. It makes sense manage the risks and maximise the opportunities by building systems that ENABLES both!

This will be come clearer when you make Electronic Content Management (ECM) as the foundation framework of your business.  All business processes feed into and out of the ECM and the stock of information residing in the ECM is treated as an asset of the company. The business processes is how the company makes revenue and adds to the profit. This know how is the company’s Intellectual Capital!

An electronic system that provides ECM and business processes provides the builds an excellent foundation for a framework for managing risks and in turn will build Intellectual Capital  and grow revenue.