About Us

We have been providing solutions to businesses for the past 25 years. In that time we seen our all our clients grow in size and complexity. From the first PC 286 standalones to modern networked computers. In one company, the owner took most of the day to produce an analyst report by the combination of a statistical calculator and graph paper. We produced a solution that reduced the time to under a hour! Today his company still uses the system we built, albeit the fifth generation of the system, and employs 15 staff!

We have designed and implemented databases, spreadsheets solutions, written  software to suit the client’s needs, and  developed websites.

Our principal possesses extensive experience in accounting, business processes, internal controls and audit.

We developed a programme called “Eviscan” for auditors to use to scan hard copy documents in the field. This program ensured important metadata was collected and the images were secured and handled correctly. We worked with auditors to develop processes to text mine and extract facts from the evidence.

Our principal has developed skills in Electronic Content Management (ECM) by joining and completing courses with the Association of Information Image Management (AIIM) based in USA where he is now a certified ECM practitioner.

In July 2010, we joined up as a Value Added Reseller of Laserfiche Electronic Document Solutions in Australia. .